AC not keeping up?

dirty ac evaporator coil

Dirty ac coil severely plugged up

With the AC season almost here, it seemed like a good idea of discussing the “my AC can not keep up” syndrome. If your AC unit is sized properly for the space it was meant to service and with proper maintenance it should be capable of delivering a comfortable environment for the occupants.

The key word is should. Most AC units fail to keep up because they are not sized properly, they have not been maintained properly, lack of filter changes and plugged fins on the evaporator coil.

When fins on the evaporator coil become severely plugged like the picture above they restrict airflow. Ac coils are designed to let airflow pass through the coil. When air does pass freely through the evaporator coil, humidity is removed from the air which in turns lowers the temperature. As a result of removing humidity from the airflow, moisture runs down the evaporator coil to the drain pan and the water is drained away from the unit.

When coils become plugged with dirt, lint,pet hair and dead skin, the water is not able drain away from the evaporator coil freely and it starts to pool on the evaporator coil. The moisture eventually starts to freeze and air flow drops and temperatures rise. Your electricity consumption increases. Now we start to have some cranky people in the environment who are not happy.

Nadca has industry specs for duct cleaning contractors cleaning evaporator coils. Physical
removal of debris may be accomplished through a variety of methods which may include HEPA Filter contact vacuuming, and brushes for penetrating between the coils fins. The ACR2013 spec has conditions for duct cleaning contractors detailing how coils should be cleaned.

Regular maintenance of your Furnace and Air Conditioner by a qualified HVAC contractor , regular filter changes and a regular duct cleaning  with help to ensure that your heating and cooling system runs efficiently  and keeps everyone comfortable when you need it most.




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