Getting your AC ready for the Summer

Central Air Conditioning


Summer is almost here and it is time for outside BBQs, dips in the pool and sitting on the deck enjoying your favorite beverage. When it gets too unbearable to spend time outside we hibernate back to our air conditioned indoor environments.

Some homeowners have already turned on the Central Air for the season but I want to pass on a few tips that will keep the outside condenser fan running smoothly.

Clean the coils

Each spring, clean the fan blades and coils on your condenser. Turn it off the power first . Take the grill off and pull the blades out to clean them.

When you mow your lawn, take care that you don’t get grass clippings all over your outdoor unit.Don’t have the grass clipping shoot in the opposite direction. The same goes for when you blow leaves, so make sure your are careful when moving any debris in the vicinity of your HVAC devices.

Fall is a hard time on HVAC units. Frequently clean the fan grill when trees are shedding leaves. The fan needs to be able to get proper air inside without any blockages, and extra blockage can later develop into more serious problems.

If the coils are really dirty, you can get a commercial coil cleaner at any refrigeration supply house or hardware store and you apply it with a sprayer, following the manufacturer’s directions for applying the product and safety precautions

Coil fins – make sure they’re running straight and not bent

You can do this with a plastic fin comb or a pointed stick – this is important because air will not circulate efficiently with bent coil fins.

Insulate the “cool line”

This runs from the condenser to the compressor – If it is cracked or missing  ,make sure  to replace it with snap-on urethane or other high R-value insulation – this is availabe at most hardware stores

Replace or clean the filter regularly

This is often forgoteen about. This is so important. The filter  catches dust, pollens and other allergens, preventing them from entering your home . And if it’s plugged with dust and pet hair, it slows down the cold airflow, makes the system run harder and longer – and costs you more of your hard earned money.

Spend a few minutes of your time now to make sure that your condensate coil is clean and ready to go for the summer. Following theses steps now will ensure that your indoor environment is air conditioned for the summer.

If your air conditioning unit is having a a hard time keeping up read our recent AC Not Keeping up article

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