We Do Give A Soot

Soot on furance filterCandles are wonderful and enjoyed by many people everyday . They are affordable and create a magical ambience by infusing the house with color and fragrances. Behind the scene ,candles can play havoc with the indoor air quality in your home.

Homeowners sometimes blame the home builders and HVAC Companies for faulty construction and improper installation of the HVAC installation because the furnace filters quickly discolor with black soot residue . This problem is referred to as Black Soot Deposition (BSD)

Research indicates that the problem is a result of candle additives (fragrance oils added to the product for aromatherapy) as well as improper wick trimming by the user. It appears that some manufactures have quickly entered the market without the proper training or experience. The result of their little experience and cheap product is a low quality candle that creates soot (BSD) problems in the home or environment

Chemical testing has shown that the emissions of these candles can contain twenty (20) volatile organic compounds, lead and a significant amount of carbon.  Significant amounts of soot can also create mechanical problems for the HVAC unit

What can you do about BSD

The first step is to stop burning all candles. Inspect the HVAC system and replace the furnace filter. Purchase only good quality candles and get in the habit of trimming the wick of the candle regularly. Candles should never us under a draft or near fans and heaters.  Replace the furnace filter and if the soot contamination is significant,  have the duct work cleaned by a professional duct cleaning contractor

For more information

For additional information about candles is the National Candle Association (www.candles.org) They are a group of professional manufactures who commit to manufacturing quality candles and candle-making

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