Winnipeg Duct Cleaning Tips and Advice

Duct Cleaning Consultants service the city of Winnipeg

We are a duct cleaning consulting service that services the City of Winnipeg. Our 25 years in the duct cleaning business has given us the opportunity to serve and educate  customers on how to make educated informed  cleaning decisions. Our industry experience and our desire to deliver exceptional customer service has enable us to have a positive impact in the industry.  We offer consumers tips and advice when shopping for the service of a Winnipeg duct cleaning service.

There are some good Winnipeg  duct cleaning contractors who are providing  good work for the industry and making a difference. It only takes a few bad contractors who provide sub standard workmanship that give the duct cleaning industry a bad name.

We have written a report called Air Quality Its In Your Hands. We have taken our 25 years of experience and have documented for you what you need to do to look for a professional duct cleaning contractor.

What we have discovered over the many years of providing customer service , is that the average consumer really has no idea what they are buying. Far too often consumers buy duct cleaning services for many personal and health reasons. Some think that they  need the service, the home environment is dusty,allergies etc but little to no time is spent educating themselves on what to look for in a contractor.  What ever the reason for needing the service, the consumer is also bombarded with too much information and weeding through the good and bad information is a difficult task that the consumer undertakes.

If you are about to spend hundreds of dollars on air duct cleaning, we would advise you to spend a few dollars on our report. We will educate you on the basics of duct cleaning. Our material will show you the what tools are required for a professional contractor to thoroughly and properly clean duct work. We will show you what you should be looking for in contractor and of course we will save you money because you will have learned what needs to be included in your quote . Our Report will help you make an informed decision when buying the services of a Winnipeg duct cleaning contractor.

Should you need to talk with us, we are available for phone consultations as well. Put our 25 years experience to work for you and spend your money wisely.

Our Report is not written for the purpose of selling cleaning services. Our intent is to educate you and help you make the right choice in a service contractor. Our report will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make  an informed consumer decision .


Consultation Services

We are available for phone consultation services.  Our many years of experience in the industry  can help you make the right choice.  Should you have questions about the industry, questions relating to your project  or if you would like us to review your quote from a contractor, we would be happy to provide you the  time to do so.  Our fees are quite reasonable and we know that our experience will give you piece of mind knowing that you have made an educated choice.  If you are interested in doing a phone consultation  email us

Duct Cleaning Report
Our report will save you hours of research, save you money and help you make an educated decision when you are ready to buy the services from a duct cleaning company.

Far too often , consumers buy duct cleaning services on a price decision. :

Our Report will

  1. show you when you need duct cleaning
  2. Show you the differences in equipment
  3. Show you what to look for in a reputable contractor
  4. show you what you need to have included in a cleaning
  5. avoid the "upsells"
  6. provide you will reference material
  7. discuss the use of sanitizers in the ductwork
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